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» Strawberry-Scented Plushies

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    11th of Feb '19 @ 7:23 PM

The Plushies of Terrafrost are not willing to back down from the Amourok challenge, and a new member has joined the side of all things soft and plush...


The Plushie Lugra has joined the Plushie ranks today! Of course, even members of the Crystal team can change into this new colour if they would like.

The Plushie Lugra Morphing Potion is now stocking in the Snow Jar Igloo, but if you would like to proudly show off some Plushie scales immediately, you can also find it in the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month for 500 IceCash (or 450 IceCash for Gold Account members).


It seems that some team members have taken on a more fruity scent. Perhaps they have acquired one of these new Strawberry Ducky toys! This new addition to the Ducky menagerie is funded by @Splash, and can be found stocking in the Toy Shop! It will also be rewarded by the Plushie Quest immediately, and requested by the Space Quest in one week.

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    11th of Feb '19 @ 7:25 PM

I love it, shame it'll be forever until I can find the morphing potion...

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    11th of Feb '19 @ 9:13 PM

Mmm.... looks like a Mint Chocolate Chip cookie! *drools... I mean ..squish smile_laugh.gif very cute artwork smile_happy.gif

Nawwhhh and that lil Strawberry Ducky is perfect! I can't wait to collect them for my gallery smile_heart.gif

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    11th of Feb '19 @ 9:37 PM

How cute is the Plushie Lugra. This pet is really growing on me smile_happy.gif

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

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    11th of Feb '19 @ 10:05 PM

I definitely got Mint Chocolate Chip vibes from this one too!

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    11th of Feb '19 @ 11:06 PM

It does! I cannot wait to get this potion!

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    12th of Feb '19 @ 2:21 AM

I'm in love with the Strawberry Ducky! Thank you for funding @Splash! smile_heart.gif

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    12th of Feb '19 @ 2:22 AM

Plushie wasn't my first reaction too, but still cute. I love that Strawberry Ducky!

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    12th of Feb '19 @ 5:24 AM

I thought that was a new pet colour for a minute! Mint or something!

Yay the strawberry ducky is finally here! Thanks its great!!!

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Head Moderator

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    13th of Feb '19 @ 1:03 PM

More Lugra colours! Yesss. Love these guys.

That strawberry duck is so adorable! Grabbed one yesterday smile_grin.gif

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