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» Sharp and Stunning

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    19th of Feb '19 @ 8:05 PM

The Crystal Pets are making another Amourok push!

Crystal AudrilCrystal Audril Morphing Potion

Sharp, stunning, and elegant, this Crystal Audril Morphing Potion shows exactly what Team Crystal is fighting for! Show your love for all things Crystal, and find the new Morphing Potion in the Snow Jar Igloo permanently, as well as in the I.C.E Shop until the end of the month for 500 IceCash (450 IceCash for Gold Account members).

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Posts: 274
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    19th of Feb '19 @ 8:55 PM

Love the Crystal Audril's look!! smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 4900
Avatars: 202/219

    19th of Feb '19 @ 9:00 PM

Stunning! Never seen a more perfect audril before smile_heart.gif

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    19th of Feb '19 @ 10:11 PM

I agree with @RiverStarr This is a most stunning audril! Finally justice and honor shown this species is a beautiful way!

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Posts: 493
Avatars: 121/219

    20th of Feb '19 @ 1:05 AM

I love the little morphing potion smile_grin.gif

..... was anybody else logged out by the way? I wasn't after this news was posted but I just came back to check shops and the Heart game and for some reason I was logged out smile_unsure.gif

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Posts: 1301
Avatars: 178/219

    20th of Feb '19 @ 5:57 AM

For someone's who's not an Audril fan, I've been loving their latest colors smile_heart.gif

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Posts: 113
Avatars: 45/219

    20th of Feb '19 @ 8:14 AM

In your face, Team Plush!

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Posts: 40
Avatars: 24/219

    20th of Feb '19 @ 10:28 AM

the best audril look so far,,


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    20th of Feb '19 @ 10:48 AM

I love this look for Audril. Great work on pet and mp

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Posts: 69
Avatars: 96/219

    20th of Feb '19 @ 11:15 AM

This is my favorite Crystal pet so far!! Wonderful~

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Posts: 7010
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    20th of Feb '19 @ 1:26 PM

The solid black eyes seem unintentional? Every other Audril has proper irises and pupils!
I also wish the thumbs on Audrils wouldn't just be blobs, and have a knuckle in them like most of the other Audrils. But they've been slowly losing them over time ;_;

But I love the colours here! They're probably my favourite colours out of the Crystal pets so far.
The pose is also pretty cute c:

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