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Posted by IcePets Day 117, Year 9 (13th Feb 19)
@ 19:23:14 IST

Valentines 1

Full Soft HeartFull Sharp Heart

This year's Amourok has been neck and neck, with Patchley and Elton facing off for what each imagines as the loveliest Glacia. For every shining crystal out there, there's a fluffy Plushie to balance it out. We hope everyone is having a thoroughly soft and shiny holiday of love.

Don't forget to visit Heart Attack, NPC Shops, and Quests for more chances to collect Fragments. A full set of four Empty Heart Fragments can be converted into the Full Soft Heart or Full Sharp Heart, depending on your team. The Full Hearts give more points than the Fragments, so it's worth the effort! If you're collecting too many of the opposing team's Full Hearts, the Trades Page is a great way to exchange them with other players. Lastly, remember that this year you can also turn in Plushie or Crystal Pet Plushies for some extra points! Visit the War Room to turn in your Items and check on your points.

Amourok and Heart Attack end on February 23rd at 23:59:59 IcePets Time so be sure to participate while you can! You can also chat with your fellow team members on the official IcePets Discord server.

Heart of IntimacyHeart of SweetnessHeart of RomanceHeart of Fulfilment

The Candles are now gone from Heart Attack, and you'll find they've been replaced by a different set of familiar Items! The new Crystal and Plushie Items will remain in the consolation prize pool along with the Fragments and Full Hearts, so you'll still get plenty of chances to collect them.

Best of luck to both teams -- keep fighting the good fight!

Valentines 2

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