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Posted by IcePets Day 138, Year 9 (6th Mar 19)
@ 09:16:44 IST

Book of Battle TipsPet Trimming For Newbs

A new batch of books has arrived at the Book Store for your collecting and reading pleasure. Sharpen your skills -- in more ways than one -- with the Book of Battle Tips or Pet Trimming For Newbs. You never know what helpful tips might come in handy during a fight -- or a bad hair day!

Book of IntelligenceSpace ExplorerA Cryptozoologist's Guide to Terrafrost

If you're more the studious type, you can improve your mind with the Book of Intelligence, learn how to become a Space Explorer, or study the mysteries of A Cryptozoologist's Guide to Terrafrost.

Learning Your World

Lastly, for the studious and adventurous alike, the new encyclopedia Learning Your World describes the origin of Terrafrost and the formation of the many regions you've come to know and love. Even if you don't read many Books, if you have a curiosity for the lore of Terrafrost, this one is for you!

All of these books will be requested by the Book Quest after one week. Happy reading!

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