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» Stylish Soups
Posted by IcePets Day 160, Year 9 (28th Mar 19)
@ 07:42:48 IST

Bob at the Food Mall has been toying with ingredients, and cooked up a new-and-improved set of recipes for the current soups. The new look is as yummy as the taste.

Chicken Noodle SoupCream of Mushroom SoupEgg Drop SoupPotato Soup

The Chicken Noodle Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Egg Drop Soup, and Potato Soup have all been revamped.

Frozen Chicken Noodle SoupFrozen Cream of Mushroom SoupFrozen Egg Drop SoupFrozen Potato Soup

The frozen counterparts are now considered Ice Cubes, collectible and all. Bob doesn't have the room to keep a full freezing unit at the Food Mall, so from now on, you can obtain the frozen soups through the Ice Box.

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