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Posted by IcePets Day 165, Year 9 (2nd Apr 19)
@ 19:01:52 IST

Between pets changing their looks and NPCs wearing goofy googly eyes it is surprising anyone was able to get any work done!

Plain BoatPirate Boat177.png

Despite the storm of silliness, the Plain Boat, Pirate Boat, and Gold Boat have all received a new look!
Hit ctrl+f5 if you cannot see the updated images.

Ghostly Boat

A Ghostly Boat has been spotted sailing the high seas, brought to you by @Megrim.

Summer Cactus

If warm weather is on your mind, you are not alone! @Coreander has funded the stunning Summer Cactus for everyone to enjoy.

The Summer Cactus and Ghostly Boat can both be found at the Toy Shop and will be requested by the Space Quest in two weeks time.

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