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    » News for 6th April 2019

» Novitaria Begins!
Posted by IcePets Day 169, Year 9 (6th Apr 19)
@ 18:50:19 IST

Jakrit BunsDeluxe Carrot CakeGolden Jakrit Stamp

Novitaria is a celebration of new life -- eggs, hatchlings, cubs, kits, calves, and all those other adorable forms of Baby Pets and Companions. Many Pets are born around this time, particularly in the northern hemisphere of Terrafrost where the cold, hard months of winter are finally giving way to the first warmth of spring. Because of this, Novitaria is all about colour, joy, and finding wonder in life.

Even before civilisation, this time of year has always been one of nesting, newborns, and joy. Over time, cultures around the planet have adapted their own traditions to celebrate the ideas of "new life" and "excitement for life," often including themes of food, toys, painting, and candy. Today, the most well-known tradition is the annual Jakrit Hunt.

Rainbow NoviteggGlowing NoviteggWind Novitegg

Though eggs began as simply the most abundant food for the first feasts held by Jakrits to celebrate life, the Jakrits in charge had fun developing games and activities as part of the preparations. They roped all the young ones in to help gather eggs for the cooking, and to keep them occupied, the older Jakrits started hiding egg stashes in trickier and trickier locations. To make it more fun, one year they decided to hide toys and candies with the piles of eggs.

Empty Blue NoviteggEmpty Gift Wrapped NoviteggEmpty Jigsaw Novitegg

Today, raw eggs have been replaced by plastic versions, which hold the toys and treats inside. All the eggs are hand-painted by Jakrits -- and there is so much paint, as it's meant to be a colourful holiday, they often paint everything else around, too. Banquet halls and tables, murals outdoors, even each other, as "paint wars" are a common side effect of Jakrit Hunt prep. No Novitaria would be complete without decorating absolutely everything in bright, spring-time colours.

As Novitaria celebrations have grown larger every year, Jakrits recruited their pastoral friends, Makoats, to help organize. The Makoats are better at hauling large loads, so they help to get the many shipments of eggs and treats to their destinations on time. This allows the Jakrits to focus on crafting gifts and hosting, while the Makoats handle a lot of the travel and legwork.

Novitaria Makoat PlushA Novitaria TaleNovitaria Basket

The word 'Easter' has been replaced by 'Novitaria' everywhere on-site.

This change affects items (for instance, the Easter Makoat Plush is now named Novitaria Makoat Plush), and the Novitaria Store and Novitaria Quest have been renamed to match as well.

Happy Novitaria Chocolate BarsHappy Novitaria StampNovitaria Stamp

Items with the word Easter on their art have also had their images revamped. This includes the Happy Novitaria Chocolate Bars, Happy Novitaria Stamp and Novitaria Stamp (previously Easter Rocks! Stamp).


The renamed Novitaria hidden Avatar also had a facelift.

The Green, Pink, and Purple Jakrit Egg Cups have been renamed to Green, Pink, and Purple Egg Mug to better reflect their art.

Halipar Jungle NoviteggMisty Isle Novitegg

All previous Jakrit Eggs have been renamed to Noviteggs. To continue this tradition, your friendly local Jakrits and Makoats have introduced two brand new Noviteggs: the Halipar Jungle Novitegg and the Misty Isle Novitegg. Each of these has their own set of prizes -- can you collect them all?

Noviteggs have once again been hidden all over the site by Jakrits. Like last year, there is a limited amount of Noviteggs each day.

Five Random Jakrit EggsPrankster Makoat

The Makoats continue to guard egg stockpiles. Finding the stash will result in a reward and you should tell your friends! The hidden stashes will move to a new location every ten minutes. Be sure to be quick!

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