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Posted by IcePets Day 197, Year 9 (4th May 19)
@ 09:49:58 IST

Confetti 2

The Alpha Release opens today for testing!

Party Novyn

Please note the live site is whereas the alpha site is

We are happy to announce that the Alpha Site is now open for testing! Any changes made on the Alpha Site will not impact your live site account in any way, so feel free to explore every aspect! Each User will receive 10,000,000 IcePoints and 5,000 IceCash for testing purposes on the Alpha site.

Members are also free to create a secondary account on the Alpha Site to test features only available to new users. This secondary account will not be available on the live site.

Battle QuillIlluminated ManuscriptWriters Block

We have two forums available on the live site for Users to report bugs and make suggestions. All Users who login during alpha will receive a participation trophy. All other rewards will be announced later to those who help find bugs!

Please note that the new layout will be in UTC time instead of IcePets Time.

Happy Code MonkeyZen Code MonkeyCrazed Code Monkey

Some aspects of the site will not be available for testing immediately, but are actively being worked on and will be introduced as they are completed. However, there are plenty of exciting features to get started on right away! Come test out the new HTML5 games, the updated inventory system, and get aquainted with new NPCs as well as reconnecting with your favourites! There's so much to explore, so get out there, go wild, and begin Alpha Testing today!

Confetti 1

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