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» A Spring Garden Request
Posted by IcePets Day 208, Year 9 (15th May 19)
@ 14:01:53 IST

Snow Contestant TrophyWoodland Snow Jar

Thank you to all of the Terrafrostians who helped make the IcePets Garden bloom with your creativity. Everyone who participated has received the Snow Contestant Trophy and a Woodland Snow Jar as a token of appreciation.

Crochet Ducky Keyring

Be careful with this new Crochet Ducky Keyring, funded by @Silvy, it is made of yarn and may come apart if you don't treat it well! If you cannot wait to get one for yourself they can be found in the Toy Shop and will be rewarded by the Plushie Quest in one week.

Alpha Participant Trophy

Since Alpha launched on May 4th 2019, there have been 80 reported bugs and 59 already resolved. Thank you to everyone who has been helping! By participating in the Alpha everyone will be receiving the Alpha Participant Trophy, but other special rewards will be given to those who continue to help find bugs along the way. Thank you again for your continued help.

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