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Posted by IcePets Day 238, Year 9 (14th Jun 19)
@ 13:12:26 IST

Team Blue Audril PopcornTeam Green Sharshel PopcornTeam Red Dovu PopcornTeam Yellow Trido Popcorn

How are you faring in this rough and tumble Team Contest? Shops all over Terrafrost have been preparing for it and still, Terrafrostians are giving them a run for their money! Delivery trucks are flying in, so keep up the hard work. Let's get an update on which teams are leaving the others in their dust!

Currently in 4th place is...

Team Red Dovu Banner

Team Red Dovu with 12,114 Items restocked!

Bringing up 3rd place is...

Team Green Trido Banner

Team Green Trido with 15,486 Items restocked!

In 2nd place we have...

Team Blue Audril Banner

Team Blue Audril with 17,037 Items restocked!

And in 1st place is...

Team Yellow Sharshel Banner

Team Yellow Sharshel with 18,000 Items restocked! Keep up the great work!

Those shop keepers have made a whopping 49,138,840 IcePoints! (Not including taxes and fees, of course.) Our competitors are definitely encouraging some extra spending, so keep it up!

If you feel like you are lagging behind, don't worry -- the competition does not end until June 29 at 23:59 IST. Keep an eye out for our next update, especially if you need a bit of encouragement; prizes will be involved!

Remember that Users must participate to a reasonable extent in order to be eligible for prizes.

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