Newest Created Pets

Strawbebby the
Red Krittle

Owner: Sharkyyy

Palkia the
Crystal Novyn

Owner: TakoNigiri

Dialga the
Crystal Sharshel

Owner: TakoNigiri

Judda Judda June 19 Owner
Hey look over there!
Nexinhah Nexinhah April 4 Staff Manager
Hello! I'm Inês and here's my life story: when I signed up I saw Makoats and how unwanted they were. At that moment, my life goals changed. I now have over 35 of them.
mochihugs mochihugs May 17 Head Artist
Hey, I'm Armin! I love Krittles and the lemon emoji is my favorite. I draw sometimes. I hope to see you around!
IcePrincess IcePrincess August 17 Head Moderator
Sarah here! I love to read, write, play games, and spend time with my family. Here on IcePets you will see me about the forums and randomly poking my head into topics. I love all things pink and have gained a Baby Pet obsession. Looking forward to chatting with you all!
Megrim Megrim June 27 Head Editor
The Megrim lives under a desk in the library, where it eats the spare words that fall out of stories. It loves big, luscious adjectives, even though the adverbs have to be scraped off with a butter knife. It splashes everything with commas and semicolons like too much salt and pepper. And the sweetest treat, of course, is the expertly sculpted, crisply precise, rich, dense, perfect verb.
Silvy Silvy May 21 Moderator
Hi, I’m Silvy, and I enjoy spending time on the Forums and helping out new members find their way through the site! My favorite IcePets Item is the Ducky in all its forms and I have collected them since I joined!
Shibe Shibe August 7 Pet Artist
Hey! I am one of the pet artist. I love animation, drinking a lot of tea (hold the sugar), and listening to goofy goober over and over.
Coreander Coreander January 30 Writer
Coreander (Personius coreandera)
Native to warmer climates, the Coreander requires coffee, gingersnaps, and a steady supply of coloured ink pens to maintain a healthy existence. Careful: Do Not Eat!
sarsaprilly sarsaprilly March 17 Writer
My name is Jessie and I love turnips a whole lot. I write quite a bit and love to hear about the worlds and characters people create, so feel free to share! Cats and puns are very important to me, so you have a real winning combination there.
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