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    » News for 22nd March 2019

» Food Updates and Easter Opinions
Posted by IcePets Day 154, Year 9 (22nd Mar 19)
@ 13:37:23 IST

Egg and Olive SaladNeapolitan Mochi Ice CreamVeggie Drumstick

Some of the Gourmet Foods are getting redone! The Eyeball Salad, Ori Eyeball Dessert, and the Traptur Drumstick are now the Egg and Olive Salad, Neapolitan Mochi Ice Cream, and the Veggie Drumstick!

Pancakes with Suspicious SaucePancakes with Maple SyrupPancakes with Blueberry Marmalade

As for the Audril Nose with Snot Sauce, Terrafrost Chefs have tweaked the recipe for not one but three different Foods. Now, you can find Pancakes with Suspicious Sauce, Pancakes with Maple Syrup, and Pancakes with Blueberry Marmalade! Similar to their counterpart, these will all be available in the Diamond Jakrit Egg.

Easter Quest

We're looking for your input on the future of the Easter Quest as we move into the layout update alpha! Please take a moment to read and respond to this topic to make your voice heard.

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