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» Prankster Shenanigans
Posted by IcePets Day 166, Year 9 (3rd Apr 19)
@ 19:52:41 IST

Prankster PieSuspicious Present

Watch your step when you're browsing the Terrafrost Shops, because Suspicious Presents have started mysteriously stocking in most of them. Meanwhile, over at Sugar Rush, Alyson has whipped up a huge batch of Prankster Pies, so they will be stocking at a lower rarity! Both of these changes will last for one week only.

Prankster KrittleToon Sharshel

With jokes and pranks abound, a few more IcePet species wanted to get in on the fun. The Prankster Krittle is here to stir up trouble, and over making goofy faces in the corner is the Toon Sharshel.

Toon Sharshel Morphing Potion

The Toon Sharshel Morphing Potion will be permanently added to the Snow Jar Igloo, but if you're eager to get in on the shenanigans sooner rather than later, they can be purchased from the I.C.E Shop for the duration of the month at 500 IceCash (450 IceCash for Gold Account members). And if one of your Pets is looking to become a Prankster Krittle, keep an eye on the shop for one of those Prankster Pies!

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